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The Winery


Aging in cask









The winery has a barrel room, where thanks to the darkness that gives us its vaulted wooden ceiling, its temperature control, a complex system of humidification and a total isolation, creates a favourable environment for their complete rest in a cool and steady temperature of our wines.


We have over 700 bordelesas barrels of 225 liters of French and American oak.We also have several excellent Romanian and Russian barrels in order to experiment with new nuances in the finish of our wines.Barrel aging lasts between 24 and 36 months depending on the category of wine.


Every four months a year we make the transfer, which is to move the wine from one barrel to another.Through this important work, we separate the sediment formed by settling at the bottom of the barrels, and we oxygen the wine.




Aging in bottle.


Once bottled, the wine reaches its fullness due to lack of oxygen (that lack gives smoothness) and it will remain at least 9 months in the cellar, depending on the type of wine we will increase this period. During this time the wine refines in bottle for later enjoyment. Unlike other wineries, this is a task to which we give great importance.


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